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Siesta Key Boat Rentals and Jet Ski Rentals

Picturesque views and pristine weather are just a couple things to expect when visiting Siesta Key, Florida. Although relaxing on the Siesta Key Beach may suit most visitors to the area, we at Island Jet Ski Tours & Rentals know that some people need a bit more excitement in their lives. If you’re the type to revel in the waves rather than the sand, ask us about our boat rentals available only at our Osprey location and jet ski rentals (among others), and begin planning your afternoon with anticipation. Contact our locations at (941) 525-4269 (Englewood) or (941) 474-1168 (Osprey) for more details or to request a reservation for any of our rental equipment.

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Things to do in Siesta Key, Florida

Whether you’re gearing up to explore in your Osprey boat rental, or kayaking across the water for aquatic fun, Florida is full of life, and that includes the areas of Siesta Key, as well as the surrounding towns of Englewood, and Osprey. Relaxation is the key component of any trip to Siesta Key, and that’s what should be expected. The beach-town vibe is attractive to visitors and residents, and there is plenty of sand and sea to go around — kids and parents can entertain themselves on the waves in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Jet Ski Rentals – Ride your jet ski rental solo or bring along 2 passengers and make your own miniature wakes as you accelerate over the ocean surface. Race your friends, explore the reef, or simply enjoy the salty spray and wind atop one of our high-quality jet ski rentals. We even set up jet ski tours for our guests!
  • Kayak Rentals – For those whose budget is limited, getting your hands on a kayak rental in Siesta Key is one of the best ways to both appreciate the ocean and save money. Reserve a kayak rental for a leisurely paddle out on the water, or schedule a tour with us to learn a bit more about the area.
  • Paddle Board Rentals – SUPs, or stand-up paddleboards, are similar to surfboards, but tend to be wider and come with a paddle. Perfect for both novices and professionals, an SUP rental gives riders both speed and stability. Island Jet Ski Tours & Rentals also offers free paddle boarding introductory lessons to renters.
  • Boat Rentals – Siesta Key, Florida is one of the nation’s great fishing regions, and it’s no surprise why. If you’re planning a trip into the sunshine state for a weekend of fishing with the family or a group of friends, rent a boat — either our pontoon or deck boats — and relax on the sea. Please note that our boat rentals are only available at our Osprey location. Fishing isn’t just about nabbing the catch of a lifetime, it’s also about simplifying life and breathing in that fresh air.

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Whether you’ve come to Siesta Key to relax or to break up the monotony by hitting the white-capped waves atop a paddle board rental, come to Island Jet Ski Tours & Rentals to help plan that ideal afternoon under the sun. From our amazing dolphin tours to our exciting jet ski rental options, we provide visitors a reason to embrace every vacation or trip to the beach. We provide watersport rentals to surrounding areas such as Casey Key, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Lido Key, and other areas in Florida. Call us at (941) 525-4269 (Englewood) or (941) 474-1168 (Osprey) to obtain more information about our rentals and services, including our floating dock sales and equipment.